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May 31, 2023 1:39:15 PM | Client Success Stories Mearthane's Growth Plans Supported by TruSight, LLC Add-On Acquisition Search Process

Add-on acquisition search service adds scale to your acquisition strategy. TruSight, LLC provides a process-driven approach to help you achieve your goals.

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Mearthane Products Corporation Acquires Whitefield Plastics Corporation



Mearthane Products Corporation (MPC), a leading manufacturer of advanced polyurethane components, sought to expand its product offerings and enter new markets through an add-on acquisition. Facing the challenge of identifying suitable target companies and navigating the complex M&A process, MPC engaged TruSight, LLC, to provide their retained buy-side search services.


TruSight, LLC collaborated closely with MPC to define the criteria and parameters for the desired acquisition. Leveraging its extensive network, industry data, and market analysis, TruSight conducted a comprehensive search to identify potential acquisition targets. In addition, the TruSight team initiated outreach and contact with business owners, carefully evaluating their compatibility with MPC's investment thesis.


TruSight, LLC's search and evaluation process identified Whitefield Plastics Corporation (WPC) as a strong fit for MPC's expansion strategy. WPC, a manufacturer of polyurethane components complementary to MPC's existing line, presented significant growth opportunities and synergies.

Client Benefits

Working with TruSight, LLC provided MPC access to TruSight's resources and process, driven by extensive data analysis and marketing automation. This process ensured the identification of a strategically aligned target company. In addition, TruSight confirmed the fit between MPC and WPC through the qualification process before investing significant time or effort.

TruSight, LLC's Buy-side Search expertise, industry network, and customized search process were instrumental in identifying a target company that perfectly aligned with MPC's growth goals.


As Mearthane continues its ambitious growth plans, TruSight, LLC is proud to be a key partner in this effort. The Buy-Side search team will continue to source add-on prospects that match Mearthane's acquisition criteria and assist MPC in finding and acquiring the right companies to grow its thermoset polyurethane molding business.

Press Release:

Mearthane Products Corporation Acquires Whitefield Plastics Corporation

Written By : Jennifer Davis

Jennifer leads the TruSight, LLC Retained Search Practice. She specializes in matching middle-market private business owners with private equity investors.