Oct 30, 2023 3:30:31 PM | For Investment Banks & Advisors Strengthen connections to family offices for more investment opportunities

Family offices can be great M&A partners but they're hard to reach. Here's how investment banks and advisors find buyers beyond private equity firms.

If you’re an investment banker or advisor, once you’ve landed a client and are preparing to go to market, identifying the right investor can be daunting.  

Do they have the right capital? Are they a good fit with the management team? What are their investment objectives?

It can be helpful to look beyond private equity firms to find the right match. 

Look to Family Offices for more options

Family offices can be great financial partners in the M&A process, but there are several key differences when compared to private equity. While private equity firms and family offices are both known for their ability to make strategic investments, they differ significantly in terms of their structure, objectives, and investment timelines. 

Family offices are bespoke wealth management entities tailored to the unique financial needs and objectives of high-net-worth families. One key advantage of family offices is their flexibility. These entities can invest in a wide array of assets, ranging from traditional stocks and bonds to alternative investments like real estate, private equity, and even philanthropic endeavors. This flexibility allows family offices to adapt to changing market conditions and seize opportunities that align with their family's values and long-term goals. 

For various reasons, family offices may operate in a realm of privacy and discretion. They may shy away from disclosing their investment objectives, let alone their portfolio holdings, making it difficult to identify the ones that may be a strong fit. 

When it comes to unlocking the doors to family offices and enhancing your deal flow, TruSight has a unique set of capabilities. With a track record of more than 12 years in the M&A sector, we've cultivated an expansive and well-connected network that spans both family offices and private equity firms. Our expertise allows us to seamlessly facilitate connections with precisely the right partners for your investment needs. 

What sets TruSight apart? 

First, we keep in touch with thousands of firms and stay current with their activity and investment interests, monitoring transactions and personnel changes. TruSight acquired the M&A research database Private Equity Info in 2021 to strengthen our data health and visibility. Our in-house research team updates the complete database of contacts every 2 weeks, and its data on private equity acquisitions is verified and updated once every 3 weeks, on average. This level of dedication ensures that we're always at the forefront of the ever-evolving family office landscape. 

And because we maintain relationships on the buy-side and have a network of acquirers who are looking to connect to new deal flow, we are able to offer a valuable partnership structure for advisors where our sell-side partners keep 100% of their deal fees since our costs are covered by our investor clients.

Ultimately, TruSight enhances your buyer coverage, freeing up your focus on closing deals and securing new seller mandates. 

While family offices and private equity firms possess unique strengths and weaknesses, TruSight is your beacon of guidance in this complex arena. By choosing us as your partner, you gain not only access to an extensive network but also the power of our proprietary data, at no cost to you.  

If you're ready to unlock the immense potential within family offices and private equity investments, reach out to us today, and let us be your trusted partner in these dynamic financial spheres. 

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Zoë Nathan

Written By: Zoë Nathan

Zoë is a Vice President at TruSight, connecting sell-side advisors with private equity clients.