Connecting buyers with sellers in the Lower Middle Market 

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Our Data Advantage

Excellence in relationship-building demands having current and comprehensive contact data. TruSight acquired Private Equity Info in
2021 to enhance our services with a team that delivers
15,000 updates per month to our database of private equity firms, executives, and transactions, investment banks and private companies.

Our Network Advantage


Our reputation is built on 12 years of success building a network of lower middle market private equity firms, investment banks, intermediaries and company owners. 


The company was founded by proven industry experts with comprehensive knowledge of private equity, mergers & acquisitions, and buy-side deal origination. 


Our core competency is innovating deal sourcing for our clients by applying a creative, agile and tech-enabled approach, and optimizing every step of the process. 




Innovate buy-side deal sourcing with these 6 questions

Strengthen connections to family offices for more investment opportunities

Mearthane grows with TruSight’s support after second add-on acquisition in 2023