Deal Origination Service FAQ


To provide additional flow to the top of your deal funnel, we market your investment criteria on a regular basis to our network of 7,000+ I banker contacts, largely at harder to reach investment banks.

We receive deal flow from these efforts, curate it to your criteria and send you this additional deal flow that you otherwise might not have seen. You continue to manage your primary intermediary contacts where you want to focus and have relationship strength.


We have 9,000+ people, approximately 2800 firms whose information we refresh each month. We report over a 98% email deliverability rate. Our network has been built and maintained over the past decade by making good introductions and referrals. We operate with polite persistence.


Our process developed over a ten-year period, involves a combination of data driven tactics including phone calls, emails, and other curated origination techniques.

Regular outreach with your investment criteria goes out to segmented groups within our intermediary network. Often, this leads to catch-up phone calls as well. Deals that meet your criteria, are sent along right away for your review.


Our origination efforts are marketed under TruSight; we send your criteria on a no-name basis for a few reasons:

1) This process avoids any potential impact to your existing brand equity in the marketplac

2) This process avoids the assumption on the sell side banker’s part that you will NOT have interest in a deal, largely based on their cursory review of your web site or other anecdotal research they may conduct

3) It streamlines the flow of information from these hard to reach bankers to you and provides complete data driven information to you regarding the efficacy of our efforts at increasing your deal flow.


$1k per month subscription, plus a 1% contingent closing fee on deals sourced.


Generally, one week after the contract execution, we have a one-hour call with you and your team to review the investment criteria, the banks, and individuals that we are responsible for marketing to, and the overall process of origination and communication.


As part of our onboarding process, clients have the opportunity to identify firms or individuals that they wish to market directly; TruSight’s service is designed to supplement, not compete with your internal sourcing efforts.

We have had clients where we’ve sourced and closed deals from investment banks that they “know” but haven’t seen an opportunity from in 2-3 years, sometimes longer.


Absolutely. You will have full visibility to the content we create from subject line to email body before we send it to anyone. We can ensure the process is as collaborative as you’d like. Once the messaging is approved, we will get your investment criteria into as many hands as possible.


We hold structured weekly or bi-weekly calls to provide you with visibility on activities, progress, and trends within this I banker segment and to provide us an opportunity to provide color on what we are seeing and discuss potential course corrections in origination approach.

In addition to these regular steering committee calls, we will send along specific relevant teasers/deal info to you and have calls to discuss specific deals.


As many as we see that fit your criteria broadly. We would always rather send the deal across than assume a pass. However, all firms and criteria are different, and the market is always dynamic which makes estimating figures such as deals/month difficult.


We do some light vetting to ensure enough reason to share with you, but not so much that we assume a pass, unless obvious.


We offer increased “top of funnel” efforts and visibility to deals that our clients otherwise would not have seen. Our service is not designed to provide exclusivity, but rather to deliver value through the power of our network. Most of our opportunities already have some form of sell side advisor so we are confident that the sellers are serious.

Notwithstanding the presence of a sell side advisor, as you might imagine, in this segment of the market we often get exposure to “off-market” or lightly marketed deals with short prospective buyer lists (that we are able to get our clients on).


TruSight, LLC is headquartered at

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